Happy Half Year!

We have six more months of 2015 left to explore. So take a few moments today to revisit your 2015 Resolutions. Celebrate the ones you’ve completed, give yourself a hand for those that you’re still working on, and reassess the rest.

  • Do you need to let some of them go?
  • Do you want to recommit to them today?
  • Do you need to add a new one?

I’d also encourage you to check out my Half Year Post from 2014, Crossing the Bridge, in which I tell the story of hurtling headlong into one of my greatest fears. Enjoy!

Crossing the Bridge

We were zipping along a sunny, flat expanse when the road started winding long before I expected it. Then the wind began gusting and whipping around though the sky was bright blue. Traffic forced me to clip along at a brisk pace, and we hurtled up and around a curve only to see the one thing worse than driving through a mountain pass in my book— (read more)