Our yard has gone through the first round of dandelions already.

It always amazes me when I look out to find the golden-maned flowers have overtaken the lush, spring grass seemingly overnight. And then only days later, with their flash of youthfulness complete, they stand tall, gangling and white-haired, ready to become the seeds of the next wave of dandelions.

Because of the dandelion’s ability to reproduce exponentially, we usually see them as weeds, but no matter how many times we mow them down and spread weed killer, they come back. That perseverance and strength in the midst of adversity is what inspired me to write the vignette, “Dandelions Dance,” which is tucked into the middle of Refractions: A Collection of Short Fiction.

Though short, this glimpse into a young mother’s life takes on some big issues: we don’t always get to finish what we start, we don’t always get to do what we want to do, and we mourn the paths in life we’re unable to take. Sometimes it helps to stop and learn from the flowers because even the so-called weeds have a story to tell.

I’d like to invite you to read all three of the selections in Refractions: A Collection of Short Fiction if you haven’t done so already. You can find links to your favorite book retailers below.

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