If you’re reading this blog and haven’t finished your taxes, I’m honored that you find A Path Not Chosen more interesting than Form 1040. To thank you for the ego boost, I’ve come up with three TAX-FREE activities that may lower your blood pressure and give you the energy you need to finish your task before the clock strikes midnight.  And for those overachievers who have already received their refunds, use these activities to celebrate.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

  • Go outside after dark. Look up at all of the diamonds in the sky (or imagine them if the clouds do not cooperate). They are TAX-FREE for you to enjoy tonight—and every night. And as an added TAX-FREE bonus for those who up late on April 14, you could see a total lunar eclipse. Find all the details here.

Go  Earworming

  • Try to sneak an earworm into someone’s ear. This is best accomplished by quietly humming a catchy tune near an unsuspecting victim, but if you are in a sequestered location in order to finish your taxes, you could also do this long distance. Simply send a cryptic electronic message consisting only of viral words like “Let It Go” or “Her Name Was Lola.” Do not include explanations. If the recipient asks questions, demonstrating resistance to the parasite, simply resend the words or cycle through several phrases until one takes hold. This is TAX-FREE entertainment at its best, although for long-distance earworming, texting and Internet taxes may apply.

Fill in a Form Shorter Than the 1040EZ

  • If you look at the right column, you will see three fill-in boxes at the top. It’s TAX-FREE to fill in the blanks, and I’ll actually send you a TAX-FREE e-mail once a week (and occasional special offers). You don’t need to provide a social security number, your income, or access to your bank account. Your e-mail address is all that is required, but I would appreciate knowing your name so I can send e-mails to you and not “Dear Ms. _______.” And just so you know, I’ll never share, sell, or rent my e-mail list, and you can opt out at any time.

I thought about including 30 activities, but I don’t want to keep you away from the forms for too long. If you have other suggestions for TAX-FREE activities for the procrastinator or celebrator, share them in the comment section below.