According to the site, How Long Have I Been Alive For, it has taken me…

  • 1,413,050,285 seconds
  • 23,550,838 minutes
  • 392,513 hours
  • 16,354 days
  • 2,336 weeks
  • 527 months
  • 314 dog years

…to push the button on publishing something beyond blog posts. And to tell you the truth, as easy as pushing the button was, deciding to push the button is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I have a bit of a problem with perfectionism and the desire for privacy. But in a small fit of rebellion, my right pinky finger decided it had had enough and reached over and pressed the Enter key while I was on the Smashwords site this morning.

A week from today, you’ll be able to download my small offering to the world of eBooks, a trio of short stories called Refractions: A Collection of Short FictionIt will initially be available on Smashwords, but they will also distribute it to other eBook sellers. I’ll let you know when and where that will be in a later post.

Eventually, the book will also find its way onto Amazon. I’m not sure about a print copy yet. That will take a few more hours of work to re-format everything, but if I do, my blog readers will be the first to know unless, of course, the few people I tell spill the beans on Facebook first, which is what happened today. Not complaining, just surprised and humbled.

Special Offer for Blog Readers

If you are already subscribed to my e-mail list or sign up this month, I’ll send you a code that will allow you to download the book for free in the month of March (from Smashwords). Go to the home page of my website, and scroll down to the bottom to find the sign-up form.

So what button are you waiting to push today?