I thought the colors of fall would not come to my corner of the world this year. I expect them in early to mid October, but many trees humbly lost their leaves without any hue-full fanfare. And others donned only muted mustards and browns. So a couple of weeks ago, I swallowed my disappointment and hoped for more next year. But it seems I was too impatient as fall is just fashionably late and a bit shy this year with patches of scarlet and orange turning up here and there.

And then yesterday morning, I arose before sunrise thanks to the return to Standard Time. As I was reading the morning news in my second-story perch, I thought I saw a flame outside. I looked up to see the tree tops on fire with fall color.

I’m glad I captured the instant in a photo. Though it does not do justice to what I saw, it hints at it, and the color did not last. Moments later, the morning sun continued to rise, and the trees returned to their duller yellows, greens, and browns.

The light made all of the difference.