Blast from the past—here’s your elephant joke for the day.

How do you eat an elephant? *<scroll down for answer>

Being a smart aleck, I would not always give the traditional answer. Instead, I’d try to find a less common rejoinder like:

  • Why would you want to eat an elephant?
  • On a peanut butter and pachyderm sandwich
  • Spit-roasted with a side of mango and peanut risotto
  • Get a bigger mouth

I’m at the beginning of a somewhat daunting project right now, and I realized the other day that being a smart aleck has its drawbacks. Sometimes, you disregard the wisdom behind the most obvious and simplest answer and begin to believe your own bluster. My first thought when I’m faced with a new elephant that must be eaten is: How am I going to fit my mouth around that thing? And then, I set out to improve my mouth’s girth by researching the latest mouth-stretching techniques and reading books like, How to Become a Big-mouthed Elephant Eater in Twenty-one Days (or less).

After twenty-one days of futile mouth-stretching activities, I look back and see that if I’d just taken a bite of the elephant each of those twenty-one days, I’d be that much closer to finishing it off. <sigh>

It takes a few ounces of humility to admit that an elephant joke is wiser than I am, but there you go.

So what’s your answer? How do you eat an elephant?


*Answer: One bite at a time. <groan>